Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Darker Grows The Starlanes

So, for those of you who followed our old campaigns, you've probably noticed that the last one never got under way. One player was lost to wedding planning and job woes. I myself lost my time to newborn children and job woes. And it's hard for Democratus to have a campaign all by himself. So it never happened. Que sera, sera. That is the way of things.

Now, a year later, Democratus and I have some time and gumption on our hands. We are resolved to play a short mini-campaign that I have dubbed "Darker Grows the Starlanes." The progression will be simple: we will play 5 point battles for 5 weeks at increasing scenario levels. Any ships that survive each battle will gain experience and can be used in future battles. Whoever wins the most battles (3 of 5) wins the campaign. Simple enough.

We'll post battle reports and pictures as things progress. We may even write a little fluff pertaining to our engagements. Most importantly, we're going to have some fun and we hope, after so long, you all might want to come along for the ride.

Tomorrow is our first battle (5 points Patrol). Hopefully, we'll have the write up done and posted by Friday. hope you guys enjoy it! I know we will!